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Question about 'stereo' input from Digitakt / OP-Z

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  • Question about 'stereo' input from Digitakt / OP-Z

    Hey All

    I've had my Bluebox for about a month now and it's getting a lot of use already - I'm loving it and I'm finding multiple scenarios in which to use it... however...!

    I'm getting a little frustrated as when I plug a stereo TRS cable in from either stereo headphones out or the two L/R channels on my Digitakt I'm noticing that I need to pan each DT track (as in each track in a patter on the DT) a little left or right otherwise it gets lost in the stereo image - which indicates to me that the inputs on the BB aren't balanced and I need to compensate for this by panning sounds L-or-R - likewise the OP-Z is the same.

    Another angle on this is I started using AUM on my iPad to run the DT through some effects - so I'm sending audio from the DT over USB into the iPad and out as a stereo signal via a TRS lead into the BB - and the same issue is occurring - meaning (to me) it's the inputs on the BB that are causing this.

    So, can someone please enlighten me on the best way to get a stereo input into the BB without having to pan things around again... it also throws off the reverbs and delays I might have programmed into the DT which means I need to re-do any of those on a track to make them sound decent through the BB...

    Sorry if this is a real newbie question but I really thought they would just accept a stereo input no hassle

    Thanks for your help


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    Thanks for your question.

    The bluebox is designed to handle a stereo signal. It is calibrated at the factory to make sure the L and R are consistent with each other.

    I would be worried if you plugged in a stereo signal and one channel was consistently louder than the other. That would be a balance problem and deserves review of your hardware.

    On the other hand, a stereo getting lost in the mix sounds more like a creative choice. Typically panning and/or EQ is the solution. Perhaps the built in compressor is getting in your way. Try disabling that.

    Let us know if that does not help.


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      You may also want to check your cable, try swapping cables and see if the result change. I have not stereo issues with my BB, but I had my fair share of cable issues in the past and unbalanced stereo signal might be the result of a bad cable.

      Also, you can try send a purely mono signal from you DT, like a kick centered with no effect and check that the level on your BB is the same on the L & R channels.