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Master WAV recording corrupt

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  • Master WAV recording corrupt

    Hello. Asking for help here. I recorded a song, both stems and master. and when I bring the master into ableton, I've found it has some weird spikes.
    I have MIDI out from the Bluebox into a Beatstep Pro, then through a MIDI splitter into a Microfreak and SH01a, and with MIDI thru a couple of volcas. I also have clock out of the BSP into a SQ1 that triggers a werkstatt and a NTS1. Everything works great, on tempo and without any apparent interference. On the MAIN preferences I have both FX1 and FX2 post fader.

    I'm attaching a photo of the soundwaves

    Thanks !!!

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    no photo attached.

    Which firmware version (as a number) are you using? What are your microSD card specs? How are you powering the bluebox?


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      Weird spike is something we fixed long ago. Please check your firmware version.


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        Attaching the photo again. I have firmware 1.0.11 and I'm powering the BB with the included power chord.
        I'm trying to replicate the event.

        This said, I LOVE THIS PIECE OF GEAR, thank you.