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Using BlueBox with Digitakt & pedals (newbie with routing)

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  • Using BlueBox with Digitakt & pedals (newbie with routing)

    Hey guys, I'm feeling anxious trying to correctly sort this out and I guess I'm not understanding how to properly route pedals.
    I found one video that did this, then lost it -

    Currently I'm routing synths into Bluebox, out to pedals, into digitakt, out to Overbridge, so it's a hybrid set up where I can keep my clean synth sounds on bluebox, and keep effects thru Digitakt/Overbridge.

    I'm wondering, and assume there's a way to route sends through the pedals, and output digitakt into the bluebox and keep everything self contained.

    My hybrid set up works fine, but I wanted to see if I could save Digitakt mixes straight into the bluebox as well.

    And when it comes to pre/post faders, I assume these are the Bluebox effects, not external effects.
    Sorry if I sound dumb, this is just where I'm getting stuck in my development

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    Ahh, okay I watched Loopop's video - I'm sending out thru PHONES -> pedals -> into Input 6 and can hear my synth with the effect now, just need to understand the pre/post and compressor/gain better


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      Glad to hear you figured it out. Out 2 was what we intended as the FX send. Phones can also do the job.

      Pre versus Post really depends on the type of effect. For additive effects, like reverb or delay, post fader is usually better. For inline effects, like compressor or flanger, per fader give you the option route all of the audio through the outboard effect.