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USB ground loop hum!

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  • USB ground loop hum!

    Hey Folks

    still having issues with ground loop hum and background noise on all input and main 1 and 2nd output channels (weirdly non on the headphone cue out!)

    1. have isolated the usb power supply ( now being plugged directly into my power conditioner)
    2. have put ferrite beads on all usb cables and
    3. have put audio filters on all my inputs (see photo).

    any further suggestions folks?

    thanks everyone thanks

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    I had to solve this by checking not just how the Blueb was powered but how all of the devices connected to the Blueb were powered. Then I used trial-and-error to find the device(s) that were causing the ground loop noise. Rearranging how they were powered eventually fixed the issue.


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      The video Loopop posted is useful for this - looks like you have done all the fixes but maybe you've missed something see below link to his informative vid