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Random popping sounds

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  • Random popping sounds

    When my bluebox is on or asleep, I get random popping sounds out of my monitors--it sounds like there is some charge building up and now and then it lets loose and I get the pop. It's happens quite randomly, but on the order of several times a day. It's quite unpleasant if you have sensitive ears :-/

    I've tried several USB power cables, including the one that ships with to no avail. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    oh, I should add that it happens even with no inputs connected.


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      I get random popping sometimes when adjusting levels on the Bluebox.


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        Which wall adapter are you using? What is the bluebox plugged into? What other devices are sharing the outlet?


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          I'm using the adapter that came with the bluebox. It's plugged into a powerstrip, which is in turn plugged into a UPS.

          The powerstrip has my modular plugged into it, as well as my MPC. The UPS does have an aquarium heater and light plugged into it.


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            After answering your question, I moved the aquarium heater off the UPS (but still on the same circuit) but no luck--still get the popping. Once an hour or so on average. it's seemingly quite random. Ultra obnoxious!


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              actually i even tried unplugging the heater altogether for a while. still popping.


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                I have actually just noticed this as well over the past couple of days. It's a similar "pop" that's heard when plugging the unit in / powering up. Going to try and pay more attention to it and see if a pattern emerges...


                • osfasofa
                  osfasofa commented
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                  i also have an mpc live, and a handful of desktop synths that are being mixed by the bb being powered by the same powerstrip (mpc is using the power adapter, and is hosting a usb hub for the other synths. the other synths are powered via their respective adapters. bb is using the included adapter. bb main out is going to a usb interface connected to my laptop, which outputs to 2 active monitors. The BB, MPC, synths are all on the same power strip. The laptop (+interface) and monitors are on another powerstrip. Both powerstrips are plugged into the same "squid" power splitter. essentially everything is powered by the same outlet on my wall.

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                I’m also having this problem. I have the unit plugged directly into the wall, using the the supplied charger.

                The noise is awful. I’m considering returning the unit as faulty.


                • Aaron
                  Aaron commented
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                  Sorry to hear this. Try disconnecting your setup to see if there is some kind of incompatibility with other gear. Also try making a recording to see if one of your inputs is causing it. You may also be hearing noise from your home/studio electrical system. Please try to isolate it and let us know. We agree that random popping is unacceptable.

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                same problem here