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Compressor settings advice for different uses

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  • Compressor settings advice for different uses

    So, sorry if this comes across as a bit lazy, but I'm still a noob when it comes to recording things properly, and I've been avoiding learning how to use compression. I get the basics of it, but find it a bit hard to decide what settings to use when. Been searching the forum and there is some good advice on how to approach it, but nothing with just the exact settings that people use for different purposes.

    So, if anyone is up for it, feel free to share some different compressor settings on the Bluebox for different uses

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    Check out the Michael Stavrou compression method. It's a structured way to set a compressor... I find it very very useful. His book (Mixing with your mind) is amazing.


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      You can't really share specific compressor settings as they are "program dependant"... that is, the input signal has such an impact on the settings of the compressor that the settings that work for me on my music are unlikely to work the same for yours.


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        thanks you for your suggestion