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2 Blueboxes Joined - Is this possible?

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  • 2 Blueboxes Joined - Is this possible?

    I have been searching for a larger input replacement for my Bluebox, but can't find anything on the market that has the exact same functionality. Meaning micro trs stereo inputs and the ability to record. Is it even possible to join two units together to act as 1 unit? I honestly need more input sources for my gear. I love the small size as it makes it more usable in my small space, but I also would like to use a midi controller to be able to control the volume, pan, and gain. Has anyone attempted to join two units together to act as 1?

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    Yes. it works. I have 2 connected via MIDI and it works well.


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      How do you have the outbound audio with this setup? You almost need another mixer just to be able to join the signals into one path. I am using my current Bluebox as my primary mixer for my standalone setup. I managed to use all the stereo pairs, 5 pairs and 1 mono device. I need another unit so I can add one or two more stereo devices. There's no other unit on the market like the Bluebox that gives you the ability to mix in such a small platform. I wish there was a 24 port unit available which would definitely resolve my issue.