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  • Poorly fitted display

    Has anyone got a badly fitted display? Mine is skewed/angled and I think it's going to play havoc with my OCD! Might have to exchange it.

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    Yes, mine's skewed too. I guess quality control at the factory wasn't too hot!


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      OK. Just looked on youtube to see those that have popped up recently. At least one video shows one that's angled too. Others look straight. I'm going to exchange this and hope for a better one as I'd find it too irritating...but that me


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        Ooh that reminds me something. The Blackbox also suffers from that. Can be perturbing if too much angled.


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          Sorry to hear this. We are in the process of adding a plastic part to the unit that will keep the screen perfectly straight. We haven't quite nailed down the design. We will be making arrangements to send them out for situations like the above.

          Do you have a 3D printer? If so, try making this part and then fitting it over the screen like this:

          Click image for larger version

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          There will be more to come on this topic. Sorry for the hassle.


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            Thanks for the info about the plastic addition. I don't have a 3D printer. I'm waiting to hear back about swapping my unit with my shop and if the replacement is similar then I'd definitely be interested in having one of these sent out.


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              Thanks Aaron for that STL upload.

              My bluebox also came with a fairly tilted screen, but I was able to print out and install that bracket. It made the situation much better. I attached a photo of what my screen looks like now. Probably should have taken one of it before, but I can't turn back time.


              • Aaron
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                Glad to hear it. Thanks for taking care of it.

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              Jaredxd that looks good. Thanks for posting.

              I've got a new Bluebox arriving tomorrow. Will reach out to 1010 if I need a bracket on that one...


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                Will this bracket also work for the Blackbox? Is it universal?


                • Aaron
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                  Yes, it will address both.

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                Just wanted to report that I was able to successfully print the bracket with an Elegoo Mars SLA printer with no issues. It barely fit the build plate, but it worked out fine.

                The hardest part of installing it is removing and replacing the board in the case, it's a very tight fit. I was able to remove the rear inputs from their mounts first, and found it was easiest to replace them first as well when reassembling. Just had to use a small screwdriver to move the A/B buttons into position, and ensure the soft buttons are aligned. Also be sure your SD card isnt in there, or it and the slot could be damaged.

                Like any repair job I wouldn't attempt it unless you have a bit of patience and the discipline to not force things into place.


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                  Click image for larger version

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                    Thanks for sharing the photos. We have a new bracket coming in March.


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                      Will you include it in new factory batches ? I'm sure it will spare you tons of returns. First time I powered my blackbox I thought "shit... borked one, I will return it". Of course I started to play with it and I was instantly hooked so I never bothered to return it but still...


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                        we can take this thing apart without voiding the warranty?


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                          Mine is also skewed. I’m considering a return. I feel I shouldn’t have to get used to it. Otherwise, the build quality is excellent and I’m very impressed by it.