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Bluebox gets quite warm

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  • Bluebox gets quite warm

    My Bluebox is connected to the original power supply and gets quite warm after a while (even without recording). I would say something like 50-70 degrees Celsius. Is that normal?

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    same issue with blackbox. its ok


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      It is normal for the bluebox to be warm--but not hot to the touch. One trick is to turn the screen brightness down as this reduces the power consumption and heat produced. Another idea is to place the unit in standby mode when you aren't actively using it. Hold the B button to put bluebox to sleep.


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        Hey everyone. Just purchased a unit a few hours ago and our objective is to run it using a little portable power bank (got a Pocket Juice Slim Pro 10,000 mAh for it yesterday). During initial tests, the heat was pretty noticeable particularly when compared to the temperature of other nearby gear. I wasn't sure if it was because of the power bank or if it's just what the Bluebox does. At this point I'm willing to say it's just how all the Blueboxes are, so its good to know it's not just my unit.


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          Having the same issue. Not really an issue for me though. The screen brightness is at 50%, still warm – I guess that's because of the case design?


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            Running a little warm is normal. Turning down the brightness will help. We are investigating if there is anything else we can do via software to help.

            Don't forget about sleep mode, accessed by holding the B button. That will cool things down when you aren't using it.