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freeze and white noise until reboot

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    Bluebox FW 1.2.7
    hope ol to jump on this thread or should a new one be started.
    Anyway Im having some big similar issue.
    its started once a week maybe but now every few days where the bluebox makes a screaming thundering noise with feedback harshness and freezes up. sometime its will continue and sometimes it fades slowly to a crackle over a minute or two until I power down and reboot., it freezes up too. it hits so hard and sudden it scares the pants off me. its now blown a set of speakers too.
    Ive only had it about 3 or 4 months. this will happen when sat idling with no audio playing through as well as when in middle of rehearsal. lucky its not been taken out live yet and failed.
    any thoughts?


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      Please try firmware 1.2.15


      • Dwain fnx
        Dwain fnx commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Steve. Apologies for my very slow response but I’ve been down and out of action with illness.
        I tried the fw update last night and seemed ok after a few hours. I’ll continue testing this week and back back to you if any further issues. I hadn’t updated as thought this was a beta version but I realise now the beta updates are fine.
        I’m using the ordinal supples power supply and cable btw.
        Thanks for the reply

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      Same story here. Firmware 1.2.15 - even with all inputs/outputs unplugged, Bluebox gets hot and freezes after about 15 minutes. The power supply gets hot as well - tried both the native power supply and an Apple 20W one.


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        Which cable are you using for power?


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          The noise appears more and more, I have discovered that it disappears when I unplug it several times, but it does seem to be something linked to the heat, since it appears shortly after it is running, in my case, it is already very common, it always appears, but almost I always end up unplugging and it disappears for a long time... a shame because Bluebox is my nerve center of everything and I love it, but this problem is causing me a lot of headaches... I don't know what to do anymore...


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            Originally posted by Steve
            Which cable are you using for power?
            Which cable are you using for power?


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              Originally posted by Steve

              Which cable are you using for power?
              The original cable


              INPUT/ENTRADA/輸入/輸入:100-240V~50/60Hz 0.4A Ma)
              OUTPUT/SAIDA/輸出/輸出:5.0V =- 2.5A 12.5W