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Random tracks not recognizing recordings

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  • Random tracks not recognizing recordings

    So I encountered this when I started up my Bluebox this morning: several tracks (on average about half) in any given project would not play back the recorded files that were assigned to them. I double-checked and the files were indeed set to "active." The problem went away after I removed the offending files from the track list in Edit and then added them back again to the same tracks that they had been assigned to.

    All's well that ends well I suppose, but it'll be annoying if I have to do that every time I load a saved project. Anyone else run into this issue?

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    I'm dumb, this thread should be in the Support section, but I imagine only an admin can move it there.


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      That's odd. Is the demo content we supplied working consistently for you?


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        Well, when I got my Bluebox (new from Control in Brooklyn) the firmware on the SD card was 0.3.2, and there was no demo content. I downloaded the 1.0.6 firmware - after several minutes of extreme confusion - but I have never actually been in possession of the demo content.


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          Hi there, I’m also new to the forum and just wanted to begin by saying that I love my blackbox and just recently got the bluebox which I am enjoying learning how to use.

          I am having a similar issue as fruitsnake with file playback.
          Files either do not play at all or cut out randomly and will sound again only after toggling rec on the tracks playing back which cut out soon after. I have removed the files in edit and added them back but the problem persists.

          Here is a link to a video of this (please excuse the random recordings)
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          I have a similar issue where about 40% of the time one of the tracks does not play. if I press stop and play again it then works. This seems to happen mostly when switching projects.


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            I have similar issues. I have not had the time to write down a complete report of all intermittent bugs I have found but this happens once in a while. I have also experienced that the entire project somehow becomes inconsistent. The state of the rec button is a bit awkward to me. Why is it possible to change state of rec arming under playback? Shouldnt that button reflect playback from file vs monitoring input?