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Project reload - Easy to implement, goldmine for playing live

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  • Project reload - Easy to implement, goldmine for playing live

    while I am preparing the sets for this year (even when its not gonna be much ) I figured a very easy to implement feature with an incredible usefulness:

    I need an ability to reload a project as soon as something has changed.
    its basically only the load button being able to be used to load the same project I'm in - while playing.

    why? imagine using the eqs, mixing, effects inside a break or a situation during live-play where a bold performer wants to go but needing to dial everything back to where it was is basically impossible. yeah, of course you can map everything to a midi controller but then you need more space and another piece of gear.
    instead: just a click to the project button and an even quickier push to "load" (or maybe call it "reload" then?) and you're back in the saved state. and with save I also mean "safe" state.

    its like the "function + no" function on the elektrons, or ableton live's ability to jump back to a certain state with the touch of an assigned button.

    easy to implement (I suppose) but very, very useful. I mean, the will make the difference between a small and good sounding mixer with record function and a real performance tool for me!

    give me thumps up to help make them implement it!!

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    Absolutely, this would make the bluebox being playable instead of a set up and forget box. The x y pads for the effects could be also set up for more momentary control, so that they fall/set back to the original state when the pad is not touched.


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      Similar to the save(current state) and reload functions on most Elektron boxes. But in this case even just the reload function would be very useful for performing.


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        I would love this feature


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          "easy to implement" is a huge assumption there. It will depend on whether the box had enough free ram to hold two complete sets of params. Shouldn't be too much, but I wouldn't assume it


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            yeah, you're right - its an assumption, especially without knowing the hardware specs. but from the software and logic side its not magic at all while practically it would make a huge difference.