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Recording of Muted Tracks

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  • Recording of Muted Tracks


    I'm using FW 1.08.

    My useual setup is with 10 Tracks Mixed Stereo and Mono.
    I'm using two Busses which i send with CUE and OUT2 to Octatrack. I send the tracks to the bus and mute them on the Bluebox. But the general Idea is to have all tracks recorded. When I try this I find empty files for the muted tracks.
    Is there a setting to change this behaviour?


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    as far as I know, there currently is no such setting.

    But I want to encourage you, to open a thread in the whishlist subforum. I propose a feature request like the following:

    Currently track recordings are done "post fader" which includes volume, panning, mute, solo and eq to be applied in the recording of the track. Please add an option to set this to "pre fader" (may be global for all tracks) which will then record the raw material coming from the plugs without volume, panning, mute, solo and eq applied to it (gain, however should be applied).

    Dan Day


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      Ths Dan,
      here is the request:


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        Hi daPhoenix303,

        I just added a +1 to your post.

        Could you change the Topic to
        "Pre/Post Fader option for track recording (e.g. to record muted tracks)"

        would make the topic clearer from my perspective.

        Dan Day


        • daPhoenix303
          daPhoenix303 commented
          Editing a comment
          Tried, but it does not seem to be possible to edit topics.. I noticed that this of cause also affects tracks with volume put down. In my Case this would be the main channel which is mixed on external mixer feed from Master + out2. Cue is used as send. Channels mixed in main should get compression.
          Any alternative ideas?