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Screen degradation - possible screen refresh issue

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  • Screen degradation - possible screen refresh issue

    I believe my bluebox has the screen mounting issue reported in other threads though until recently everything was working fine and I really didn't notice any problems. However, when I was working with the device today, the screen suddenly became very degraded; the display quality and resolution is definitely not what it was just the other day. Also, I am now seeing artifacts from other screens as I switch through different functions; elements from the previous screen will remain on the display and then slow fade away. Something has changed for the worst as the display quality is not what it was just a day ago. Has anyone else seen this problem? Would this be considered a reason to return or replace the device I have?

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    I did try to upgrade to the latest firmware (1.0.8); this did not help and may have actually made it worse. I am going to try to down grade the firmware to see if that has any affect.


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      I just tried downgrading the firmware to version 1.0.6 with no difference; this is looking like it may be a hardware issue. I am also able to see additional display issues; when on the tools page, I can see lines of lightness or hue throughout the display.


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        I don't heat my studio on a regular basis so I though maybe the extreme cold weather may have affected the screen; after moving it to a warmer room, it does not look to be an issue with temperature.


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          My display problems are not getting any better so I am looking to understand if someone can advise on the following:
          1. Is it worth contacting the vendor where I purchased my Bluebox? I am wondering if I should look to get the unit replaced from where I purchased it or directly through 1010music.
          2. Does anyone know if all the screen related issues have been addressed in units being shipped now or it this still an ongoing issue?
          3. Does opening up the device void any warranty? Should I attempt to open it up and re-seat the screen to see if that fixes my display issues?
          Any advise is greatly appreciated; I love the Bluebox and want to continue to use it but would also like to get the screen fixed if possible.


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            Mine is actually doing something similar. I'm getting a kind of flickering/ghosting on the screen. It's not always there, and the screen typically looks fine. Then all of a sudden it will start flickering between what appears to be characters or pixels from another page or something (maybe something else in memory?) It's a fairly noisy flicker, so I'm actually wondering if it's caused by something connected to the BB. I haven't yet disconnected everything to try and narrow this down. I'm also unsure of whether the thermal condition has anything to do with it (as in, how long it's been on, etc.) My studio has a fairly constant temperature (typically 65-70F) so nothing extreme.

            Otherwise everything about it is functioning flawlessly. I'm just worried that this could be a sign of a larger problem.

            I hope to disconnect it, move it to another room, and do some further testing to see if it's just something interfering in the studio. I do have a USB noise issue I'm sorting, but since the BB is not connected to anything via USB, it would have to be coming through one of the audio jacks.

            I'll see what I can find as soon as I get a chance. It's a pretty pronounced flicker/ghosting. This happened on 1.06 and 1.08 I believe. I haven't tried any other firmware.


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                Sorry we missed this. We are happy to fix that issue under warranty. It generally requires sending the unit back and having the screen replaced. We have been using that same screen across many of our products. This does happen once and a great while and it is straightforward to fix.

                Please get in touch with us directly using the Contact Us page and we will make specific arrangements for you.


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                  I'm experiencing something similar on my newer unit. The screen flickers a bit during use, and I'm seeing green vertical bars and ghosting. It seems to work fine otherwise, but I don't want to use it in case the screen issue gets worse. The unit runs pretty hot, but I've read that's expected to a degree (ha!). I just sent a message to 1010 about it and am waiting to hear back.

                  EDIT: 1010 support was very quick to respond, and arranged for me to send the unit in for repairs. great customer support

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