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Design flaw on 1010music TRS MIDI type B adapters ?

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  • Design flaw on 1010music TRS MIDI type B adapters ?

    I noticed something strange while trying to use my Bluebox and Blackbox with CME Widi Master wireless MIDI dongles.

    These dongles need power from the MIDI out port to function and then automatically pair together through Bluetooth, procuring both clock and MIDI communication between the devices.

    I wasn’t sure if the Bluebox or Blackbox would be able to provide power to them until I tested with my Arturia Microfreak’s TRS MIDI type B adapters and it works perfectly on the Bluebox/Blackbox.

    However when using the 1010music adapters, by default it doesn’t give power to the WIDI master dongle.

    But while removing the one connected to the MIDI-out port of the Blackbox I noticed that the WIDI Master did turn on !

    So after some advanced testing I understand now that the adapters coming with the Bluebox and the Blackbox will let the MIDI out provide power only when not fully inserted (see the attached picture).

    Again, if I connect the Arturia adapters which are also type B, it works when fully inserted in the TRS MIDI out port.

    Is that intended or a problem with the design of 1010music’s adapters ?

    I tested all four of my adapters that came with the Bluebox and the Blackbox and all require to not fully insert the jack on MIDI out port in order to get power.

    I will soon receive jack versions of the WIDI Masters soon so that should solve the issue for me, but maybe there’s something to look at on the internal cabling of 1010music adapters Vs Arturia ones.
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    This is a side effetc, TRS-B was never meant to power boxes like midi solutions quadra thru, etc. In fact TRS-B is not electrically aligned with the midi spec (basically, ground is missing). Unfortunate but that's how it goes.... and indeed the midi association has now stated that all TRS midi should be TRS-A with proper ground. But a bit late for the Blackbox.

    You can use this to fix the problem:


    • jayneural
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      I don’t know how Arturia managed that but their type B TRS to MIDI DIN adapters do provide power.

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    Our adapter cables don't connect the ground. This is why you aren't able to power external gear that relies on it. On the other hand, our recently released MIDI cables (140cm) do include the ground. Sorry for the confusion.


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      Thanks Aaron for the clarification. Is it safe to use Arturia type B TRS to Din adapters with 1010music products ?

      No issues related to power management ?

      If there is no risk it’s quite good news because we can use them with WIDI Jack or WIDI master with Arturia adapters in order to get Bluetooth MIDI without even needing to use the USB host port to provide the power.


      • Aaron
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        Go ahead and use the Arturia adapters. They will work..

      • jayneural
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        Cool, receiving WIDI jack adapters soon. I hope they will work. If they get power from the jack, that would be a very convenient solution for those who are asking for Bluetooth/direct iPad/smartphone connectivity.