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    Freezing problem

    As some other users already noted, there is a problem with freezing every now and then. Bluebox is powerd with the delivered power supply and brightness set to zero running the 1.0.8 Firmware and the original micro sd.
    I use a faderfox pc4 going through an octatrack and an rk006 midi out to the bluebox. Much midi signals and stuff. But I actually need the setup like that.

    Anybody knows what the problem is. I didn't find any working solution I didn't try.

    I tried if I can reproduce the freezing without any midi in and yes, it happens with only audio in and out plugged in, too.

    This sucks hard to have regularly restart because of the freezing during a jam and basically not being able to use the bluebox as a recorder.


      Almost same issue (1.0.8). It freezes after 3 to 5 min if I have midi (transpose ans clock) coming into the bluebox through the 3.5mm plug. Nothing to fancy : Only 4 stereo inputs, no recording, no effect, no usb midi.
      After unplugging the midi Din in , no more freeze for the rest of the jam (3 hours).

      it is annoying because I would like to sync the bluebox delay....


        Same issue for me unfortunately. I can be happily listening for 10-20 minutes without having touched bluebox for a while, go to tweak something on bluebox and find it has frozen. It happens at least once every session. Just audio in and out. Haven't used any midi since I go it. I'm on 1.0.7.


          I’m experiencing the same issue. Audio in and out, midi clock from a Digitakt. Firmware v 1.0.8

          not sure how to avoid it? Is there an older firmware that doesn’t freeze like this?


            For troubleshooting purposes, please try our included power supply and the included USB cable. We've seen lots of issues with crashing and freezing that can ultimately be traced back to a power problem. After that, please try with and without your MIDI controller. There could be a power or MIDI incompatibility there as well. If those things still don't work, please use the Contact Us form on our website to go through more detailed review.

            Thank you.


              For me, I've only ever used the included power brick and USB cable and I have not used any midi in or out devices. I'll sent a contact request. Thanks.
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                Sadly I am experiencing the exact same issue with v 1.0.8. When I use the midi connection through the front 3.5mm and I send midi clock information to sync it will crash after some amount of time. The sound will continue to play but the screen and knobs are unresponsive. It started happening when I started sending clock information to sync the effects. I am using the original power brick through the original USB cable.


                  I was having a power related freezing problem, that seemed to get fixed.
                  I im using a USB hub with power and on off switches. the unit comes with a brick that on amazon says 5V/3A.
                  I was getting crashes before I got this with another hub that did not have power.
                  When I replaced it with this, the crash went away and I am plugging in a key step and the bluebox to the usb hub, and plugging in a Launch control XL to the BB.
                  No power related crashes.
                  Firmware 1.08 brightness at 50%


                    On further inspection: The USB cable is absolutely critical. Please use the one we supplied. Otherwise the box may not get enough power and lots of other problems will show up.

                    More to come.


                      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
                      On further inspection: The USB cable is absolutely critical. Please use the one we supplied. Otherwise, the box may not get enough power and lots of other problems will show up.

                      More to come.
                      Hi Aaron, if there is any information I can provide to you to try to fix this issue I would be more than happy. It's easily reproducible. Here are my steps to reproduce:
                      1. Using version 1.0.8 and USB with the cable provided in box plugged in directly to the power source
                      2. All 6 channels have incoming audio
                      3. MIDI in through provided cable going into from 3.5mm jack and providing clock information
                      When I start playing and sending clock information, Bluebox is synched perfectly with clock and effects all synched properly. After a few minutes, the unit will freeze and will require me to unplug the USB power cable in order to restart the unit.

                      When I don't have MIDI in (step 3), the unit never freezes and can literally be running for days without an issue. I can make a video of it freezing if that helps, jump on a call, whatever you guys need. I really would like this and the synced Rec fixed in order to use this unit the way I would like to.


                      • Aaron
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                        Tell me more about the MIDI data. Is it possible you are overwhelming the box somehow?

                      Hi Aaron,

                      A brief rundown of my rig. I'm running a Digitakt into a Midi Solutions Quadra-thru, splitting into my synth rig, and into the Bluebox. I've recently switched to a 3A USB-C PSU (which has stopped the screen flickering problem) but the midi clock freezing remains.

                      I'm wondering if I am indeed overwhelming the Bluebox with so much midi information, as when I just pump clock into it, it's steady, but as soon as I start send midi note information out of the Digitakt, that's when I'm seeing crashes. I'm thinking of picking up a Midi Solutions Event Processor to filter out everything except clock; could midi note filtering be implemented in the next firmware?



                        Aaron this in fact was the issue. Previously, my main clock was going through Pam's Workout -> Digitone -> Digitakt -> Polyend Poly 2 -> Bluebox. I've since added an Arturia Keystep Pro which is the main clock source. So now here is my setup and I am having no issues with this setup:

                        Arturia Keystep Pro (Clock Out)-> Pam's Workout (Clock and Run through breakout cable - Tip into Clock, Ring into Run) -> Bluebox

                        This way, getting midi in straight from Pam's doesn't seem to be crashing and it receives the midi information fine. I will provide an update if it does start crashing at some point. Now I just need to be able to sync my recording to Play and this thing will be perfect!


                          I have the same issue unfortunately, first thought it was because I was running it through a power bank (though it has high power output specs), then I re-tested with the supplied power adapter and cable and I could reproduce the same issue several times.

                          It can freeze in just 5 minutes after or half an hour after but it will never keep up more than one hour without freezing. I also noticed it gets quite hot when it happens. Will make a few more tests but I think I will most probably end up contacting support.


                          • jayneural
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                            Looks like the problem goes away once I disconnect the Bluebox from MIDI data coming through its MIDI input.

                            So it may be a bug with the handling of incoming MIDI data.

                            I recently started using an RK06 MIDI hub, I’m still quite new to it, but I think it’s possible to create a template that makes the port connected to the Bluebox’ input send only clock data.

                            If it works that would be a workaround while waiting for 1010music to fix the issue.

                          i am recently facing similar issue, midi in from deluge, which is sequencing on 3 other channels via midi (wouldn't call that overwhelm of midi data), original power supply and cable.. unit randomly freezes, audio still coming through. there seems to be some midi related bug, with cable unplugged it runs normally.


                          • jayneural
                            jayneural commented
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                            Exactly the same for me. Looks like there is some overflow happening somewhere in the Bluebox’ memory at some point and it freezes the UI while keeping the audio playing. Very frustrating, I hope it will be identified and fixed soon.

                          • Steve
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                            we do know about this and are still investigating it.