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Is MIDI Thru implemented?

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  • Is MIDI Thru implemented?

    When plugging a Korg NanoKontrol2 into the USB port, I can control the Bluebox. That works seamlessly.
    Now using the MIDI Out and going into a Digitakt it seems like the Digitakt doesn't receive the CC messages sent by the NanoKontrol.

    Does the Bluebox MIDI Out pass the MIDI messages received on the MIDI USB and MIDI In or are they somehow filtered out?
    In other terms, is MIDI Thru implemented?

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    Alright, coming back after some testing.
    I've plugged the NanoKontrol "directly" into the Digitakt with my trusty Kenton MIDI USB Host mkII.
    It's working as expected, which means that it's neither a NanoKontrol nor a Digitakt configuration issue.
    For the record, I send CC94 and CC95 on MIDI channel 1 to 8 (respectively for Mute and Volume or each Digitakt audio track).

    Either MIDI Thru is not implement or some CCs are filtered out by the Bluebox.

    This could be implemented with a menu in TOOLS page to enable / disable it.


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      1010music said MIDI Thru capability is available, but I haven't been able to get it to work either:


      • puffycaps
        puffycaps commented
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        I'll take this opportunity to thank 1010 for *not* outsourcing support to social media. Many users have opted out of the pretty hate machine and are thus locked out of the garden. Thanks for keeping it real on these pages.

      • Jakolai
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        I'll take this opportunity to +1 puffycaps comments. One of the reasons I love following the development of this mixer (as well as using it) is that it requires no social media. Thanks guys

      • Weazel
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        Yeah, I'd like to +1 too. Glad to be off from social media and happy not to be dependent on those to get the proper info on the gear!

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      Excited for more routing opportunities when MIDI Thru is implemented


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        Has anyone managed to get USB -> TRS MIDI thru working yet? I’m assuming the fix wasn’t in the latest firmware?