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  • Midi Map Main outs

    I have not found a way yet. not sure if it's actually implemented, but if not.. It should be! my mido controller is waiting to get that fade assigned!

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    In 1.0.8, you can at least map the volume of the MAIN bus.
    Simply activate the learn function then go in MIXER > Volume, touch the MAIN bus, do what you have to do with your MIDI controller ;-)

    MAIN bus Volume and MAIN Out volume are actually the same thing.
    I personally wish the 2 things were independent, but that's another topic (


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      This thread belongs in support. Wish lists are for feature requests.


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        sorry I thought this was a feature that was not available yet and why I added it there. Going to try your fix now to see, Thanks Steve!


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          So I have 1.08 and I did this exactly and the M does not activate to learn. everything else does, but the Main volume, all the way to the right, will not select to midi learn like the rest do.


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            I can't map main bus volume either. I'm on 1.0.11. Mapped track volumes with no issues and the main bus has the blue box around it suggesting it's MIDI learnable, but it's impossible to select via tapping on the screen.


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              Can anyone confirm whether this is expected behaviour (seems unlikely given the blue box around main volume), a known bug or something particular to some units?