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Ghost track in EDIT mode

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  • Ghost track in EDIT mode

    In Edit mode: One track is showing a file that cannot be found browsing (using File/Add on other track). I’ve browse through all projects and maps. It can be renamed, cannot be played (as if a silent file).

    Perhaps a deleted file still showing in Edit view.
    Causes a bit of confusion when organising files in a project with many recordings.

    Probably a bug; FW 1.0.11
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    How did you create the preset this happens in?


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      Thanks for your reply and for looking into this.

      You asked about “preset”. I am sorry but I do not understand. Did you perhaps mean to ask “project”?

      Thanks again, glad to be here and in the blue box.
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      • Weazel
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        Steve, hi!
        Thanks for answering and your interest.

        Ok. You’re interested in how I created the project this happened in. Hmmm. Not sure I really understand understand what you mean. But I will try to answer:
        - it is one of my first projects so it is created under the initial FW before updating to ver. 1.0.11
        - it is therefore not created by saving as template.

        Did this answer your query?

        Kind regards

      • Steve
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        Yes. That was the info I needed. At what point did you remove the original files from this project? I'm trying to piece together your workflow in terms of the order you did things. I need enough info to reproduce this on my end... if I can't see it - I can't fix it, assuming it is broken in the first place!

        There is a known issue of audio files hanging out after the Save As Template... method but I am trying to determine if your issue is the same, similar, or different. So any and all info (without me asking 20 questions) is always appreciated.

      • Weazel
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        Thank you! I am trying my best to share my findings!

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      I have no recollection of the deletion of that specific file.
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        I encountered a similar issue recently

        In a project with no files loaded (edit menu empty), track 1 played back a file that was recorded elsewhere. I can't really reproduce the issue, it did not persist after a power cycle. FW 1.0.11


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          Got this problem too. For me the source of the problem is that if I delete a file from the SD card the project still thinks they are there.

          I assume the bluebox isnt scanning what files are actually there. I tried deleting the assets xml along with the files in the hope that the bluebox would generate a new one but that didn't happen.

          This actually is quite an annoying little bug for me, If I do 20 takes with 12 tracks on something I prefer not to delete hundreds of files by hand or make a new project just to keep everything tidy.
          FW 1.0.11