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  • Uploading wav files to project

    Hey I just got a blue box primarily as a backing track/stem player for a live performance setting...I want to upload my wav file prerecorded tracks into my blue box & put them into projects.

    Can I just load my pre recorded tracks on the sd card(via computer) & pull them into a project inside the blue box that way, or do I need to ‘record’ them into my blue box like I would an instrument? Any other options I’m not thinking of??

    thanks for the feedback!!


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    You can transfer to a microSD card and load them inside any project.

    EDIT > File > Add. navigate the sd card and load the file. You can do this per track in the Edit section.


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      Thanks! Yeah I actually found that in the manual & a few trial & error attempts.

      Right now I’m considering the best way to record live vocals directly into the blue box(more for demo purposes than any final mixing). Thinking about going from an XLR connected mic to my Behringer DI400P box & out the 1/4 in to 1/8 in cable into the blue box. Seems easy enough with what I have now without having to buy more cables. Any suggestions are welcome!


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        Seems like that should work. You may need to adjust the Gain on the bb depending on the level coming out of the DI. Ground lift is usually a good thing!


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          Yeah I actually did not have the correct XLR connections to make the Behringer work but I’m able to go thru my zoom L12 mixer & into the blue box fine right now. Just have to have enough 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapters for multiple instruments inputs at one time.