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    I like the reverb presets and non-ping pong delay option. The way the dials snap to center when you're using an encoder to change a setting is nice.


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      Hi Aaron, Thanks for this update. I think I found a bug: " No audio input signal on a track after recording to that track".

      I recorded audio on 2 tracks. Playback is fine. But then I delete the recorded files. After this I have no more audio input on the channels I recorded to. No matter what I do. When I put the cable in a another input I did not record to, I get audio. But the tracks I recorded to are "dead".
      I use your SD card and your power supply. Tested this numerous times, same result.
      Replicated this use case in an older firmware version; no issues there. Input is received.

      Hope this helps to improve this great update!

      Will continue testing.

      EDIT: After switching it off, installing 1.1.1 again; the issue disappeared. Very strange.




      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        was it necessary to reinstall? thanks for the report.

      • virtualpt
        virtualpt commented
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        I had the same issue. Power cycling sorted it out.

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      I can't see the bluebox in the usb instruments in my MPCone, or the Blackbox for that matter. They go via a powered usb hub as do a variety of other instruments which work fine. Am I missing something obvious? Usually I am.

      Brilliant update otherwise.




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        Originally posted by John Wellington-Wells View Post
        I can't see the bluebox in the usb instruments in my MPCone, or the Blackbox for that matter. They go via a powered usb hub as do a variety of other instruments which work fine. Am I missing something obvious? Usually I am.

        Brilliant update otherwise.


        As I understand it, neither box will show up as a MIDI device when attached to a host. The devices showing up via your hub are probably class compliant USB MIDI devices which I guess Blackbox and Bluebox aren't. Could you connect go to your MPC via the TRS?


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          Originally posted by idylmind View Post
          the "A" button doesn't do anything. I'd expect "A" to take me back to the new screen. It would also be helpful to be able to enter markers but I can live without them.
          A is for selecting active recording on the older screen


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            Bluebox & Blackbox are MIDI Hosts. You will need hardware between them and another Host.


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              Originally posted by wtkdwc View Post

              A is for selecting active recording on the older screen
              I know, but I'm saying on the new screen, A doesn't do anything. So I guess B should flip back to the file playback screen.


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                Really good features in this update - definitely getting close to that "Portastudio" vibe now !!! (which is why i originally bought this device)

                Would like the "timeline screen" in edit mode to be made larger if possible can be confusing when using large number of tracks - perhaps this could be achieved by putting the Play From / punch in / punch out values on their own dedicated screen page.

                Otherwise a really good update


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                  Originally posted by Steve View Post
                  Bluebox & Blackbox are MIDI Hosts. You will need hardware between them and another Host.
                  Ah, ok that makes sense. I'm very much old school MIDI man and was trying to go all modern and usb. It all works perfectly well using MIDI.




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                    Tried the new beta for a long session today, here's my feedback:
                    - the new reverb presets are nice! Though so miss the possibilities of the old version, it would be nice to be able to create your own presets from the full parameters, or at least have a custom or advanced option that surface back the old parameters.
                    - the new routing options for output 2 are dope, especially when paired with the new Digitakt firmware
                    Edit: fuck, adding an emoji just burned half of my message
                    ​​​​​here's the missing part of my post:

                    - after about 30min the blue box UI completely froze, with no way of recovery besides power cycling. The audio was still through, but no UI. I send midi clock through TRS in, and that others had the same issue. I hope this will get fixed, as it would be a disaster during a live set!

                    - I would to see the reverb preset system extended to compressor and delay, with the ability to save your own for quick recall during live play.

                    - speaking of recall, even better would be the possibility to recall all mixing/FX params of a project with a smooth transition to avoid clicks/drops. The ability to recall is one of the big pros of digital mixers usually, and it would be a big help for live sets. I think this would suit this box very well given its orientation for portable/live sets.


                    • Steve
                      Steve commented
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                      Any other details you can provide regarding the freezing issue are appreciated. what was connected, how, etc.

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                    I can reproduce it easily as my setup is fixed:
                    - 6 inputs wired as stereo inputs - compressor on
                    - master clock is Digitakt, sending midi to a raspberry pi with 2 midisport 2x2 midi interfaces.
                    - bluebox receives midi clock through its TRS in (A) wired to a midi out of one of the midisport.
                    - cue is main mix
                    - out2 as stereo out to feed Digitakt sampling.
                    - bluebox has a separate AC adapter
                    - 3 synths that are USB powered use an USB isolator (Hifime 400mA version) to avoid ground loops.

                    Nothing too fancy except my midi wiring through a RPI between all synths.
                    The freeze happened while on the mixer page.


                    • sinedie
                      sinedie commented
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                      @Steve I just tried today connecting the Digitakt midi out directly to the Bluebox midi in, and I could reproduce the same freeze.

                      Few things to note:
                      - On my first try, after ~40min running I notificed the bluebox did not freeze, but then I saw that the BB wasn't "playing" (play button not green), probably because when I played a bit and prepared the setup I pressed the stop button while the DT kept running. Interestingly, the BB did not froze with that condition, but is it listening to midi clock when it's not playing?
                      - Just after noticing this, I restarted the DT which triggered the BB to play. Less than 30min after (sorry I kept it running in background so I don't know the exact time) the BB froze (at bar 129:4, tempo on my DT was 139).

                      To add more context, the BB seems pretty hot when I touch it (is it normal?), and I'm not using the original PSU to power it. I'll try to make another test with the original PSU to see if changes anything.

                      Hope this helps.

                      EDIT: Tried with original PSU, it froze exactly the same way, this time at bar 169:4.
                      Last edited by sinedie; 08-17-2021, 07:04 AM.

                    • Steve
                      Steve commented
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                      sinedie thanks. This is great detail. I am still trying to track down the cause. Seems it happens when the transport is engaged.

                    • sinedie
                      sinedie commented
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                      @Steve Just to be sure, I downgraded back to 1.0.11 today and played a bit, ~~it doesn't seem to freeze under the same conditions. So it's probably introduced by the 1.1 changes~~. I'll make more thorough testing, but lately I could freeze the 1.1 sometimes in less than 10s, it seems that when transport is engaged and it receives a lot of midi data the freeze occurs very quickly.

                      EDIT: I let it play in background, and the UI froze after 164 bars, so same as 1.1.2 :-(
                      To be honest this is now a bit worrying that the freezing occurs on a non-beta firmware, meaning that I can't use the midi clock which is problematic to sync the delay fx. I hope that you can find the issue! Just to make it extra clear, only the UI is freezing and not responding. The audio continues to play in the last state it was before the freeze.
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                    Hmmm. I keep getting freezing. The BB will run a few seconds then stop. I've downloaded the OS a few times and still the same thing.

                    edit: Looks like the USB that came with the BB has gone wonky, tried another and no problems. Loving the new reverbs!
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                      I think I found an issue tonight - hope i am not being stupid with this post (havent owned this device for very long)???
                      I set up a project with 8 inputs -

                      Channel 1 - TR6S = Stereo To Input 1 L+R
                      Channel 2 - MC101 = Stereo To Input 2 L+R
                      Channel 3 - PO Tonic = Mono Input 3 L
                      Channel 4 - PO KO = Mono Input 3 R
                      Channel 5 - Unosynth = Stereo Input 4 L+R
                      Channel 6 - PO Speak = Mono Input 5 L
                      Channel 7 - Korg Volca = Mono Input 5 R
                      Channel 8- Guitar (via DI box / effects setup) Stereo To Input 6 L+R

                      I recorded Channel 8 and Channel 1 no problems
                      However when trying to record Channel 5 i couldnt get any audio recorded (this was Stereo input 4 L+R) - see 1st screenshot showing setup, the Unosynth tab was armed for recording

                      - it seemed that it was trying to record from input 5 (see 2nd screen shot showing this). I then plugged into the Unosynth to input 5 and the recording worked fine.
                      Could there be an issue or is it my user error.

                      Can provide more screenshots if it helps - thanks Alex


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                        I'm really disappointed in the exclusion of the original reverb parameters page. One of my favorite uses of the Bluebox was to midi sequence many of the reverb parameters to create dynamic reverb scapes, but now all I have are boring presets with a handful of paltry parameters for modulation.

                        Sure, add the preset feature since that seems to be what people want, but don't get rid of the original parameters page!!! Now I can't even use the new firmware cause half of the songs I've made involve sequencing reverb parameters that no longer exist. Very bummed out, since the other changes are awesome.

                        Hopefully the original reverb parameters can be put back in without too much trouble, otherwise I'm relegated to 1.0.11 forever.


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                          Feedback after playing around with the beta for a week:

                          - When live audio is coming in and the track is sent to the reverb, if I changed the presets the audio would sometimes stop coming through or freeze, had to pause everything mute and unmute for things to go back to normal (this was very rare and could not reproduce after restarting the machine)
                          - Very rarely, when recording, the timer would not turn red (to indicate a recording was being made) even though everything was recorded correctly
                          - In the PROJ tab, after pressing B, the Y param seems to be duplicated?

                          - New reverb presets are great but having all the previous options + presets would be the best of both worlds
                          - The new timeline screen could use more display space for the tracks/audio instead of having the punch in/out occupy half the screen
                          - For punch in/out I could not find a way to set at any point besides the start of a measure, ie something like 12:03, could only do 12:01
                          - Having presets for delay (and maybe other tweakable things like eq and compressor) would be fantastic
                          - In the PROJ tab after pressing B, the cursor positions, play from, punch in/out seem a bit redundant here since they can be found in the EDIT tab (also i dont understand what the X, Y params are for).

                          All that said, this is a fantastic update. The only downside would be the removable of the reverb options, everything else feels like a great step forward.
                          Thanks for the great work 1010!
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