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  • bluebox 1.1 feedback

    Please post your reactions to the bluebox 1.1 beta below.

    Thank you for your support.

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    This is like a dream come true!!!

    Will check out immediately


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      i'm usually not a man of big words, but this update is my personal christmas.
      (and this is actually not just an update, but an huge upgrade.)
      thank you very much for your great work.


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        Wow ! Timeline, punch-in record ! Now this is getting serious !!! Will test that ASAP !

        Any chance the freeze when the Bluebox is receiving MIDI data is now fixed ?


        • jayneural
          jayneural commented
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          Hi Aaron,

          Be it on a RK-06 powered setup or in a hub-less serial MIDI chain, as soon as I connect the setup to the Bluebox MiDI in, the unit freezes.

          It can last sometimes a few minutes (did 40 minutes max) without freezing. But it eventually always freezes, and never freezes if I take it out of the MIDI chain.

          I obviously tried with the provided power supply and USB cable so as to isolate any power related issue.

          If it may help, other modules in the same chain are TR-6S, Blackbox, Tyohon, Microfreak, MC101 and TB-03. It also does that with just the blackbox or TR6s connected. Haven’t tried the other modules alone. MIDI-thru is disabled when using the RK to avoid any possible MIDI loop.
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        • daPhoenix303
          daPhoenix303 commented
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          Hello AAron!

          same issue here- Also using rk-06 setup

        • Steve
          Steve commented
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          jayneural can you send me a more detailed account of the bug? What is connected, how, to what? I'd like to reproduce what you are doing.

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        Thanks a lot! After the beta-phase is done, I‘d recommend to do a new campaign for the device, as it is so much more usable now.
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          Originally posted by jayneural

          Any chance the freeze when the Bluebox is receiving MIDI data is now fixed ?
          Very interested too.


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            Looking forward to updating! Thank you so much for your ongoing efforts to make BlueBox even more amazing!!


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              This is awesome, very impressive! The Bluebox is my first product from you, and I’m very happy to hear that you listen to your customers. And I agree that it might be worth doing a new campaign for it, since pretty much all the criticism some people been having is no longer valid.


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                I'm really enjoying all of these new features. Great work Aaron and team!


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                  Aaron, you da man! Brilliant update, I cannot overstate my love for the new reverb settings. I haven't really had a go at the new recording features yet, but from what I've seen, should be pretty hot.


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                    Massive update, thanks 1010. Dual mono OUT2 mode is exactly what I was missing the most. In case people are searching, you need to control the OUT3 level in either MIX or MAIN, it’s not available in TRACK.

                    I was skeptical about how you'd pull off the timeline functions but you really nailed it, you can even scrub the timeline while playing in case folks haven't noticed that yet. Good stuff.

                    The leftover audio when using SaveAs Template appears to be fixed too.

                    I appreciate the reverb presets for dialing up something quick but I was worried we’d lose access to all the crazy parameter controls. Maybe we can’t have our plate and eat it too but I’d love to see those controls come back some day. It’s a really unique & deep algorithm you’ve designed and it would be a shame for any of it to go to waste. Maybe we could hit A when selecting one of the presets to see/adjust all the params?

                    I agree with the other comments; this update is likely to convince anyone who was on the fence to snap one up.


                    • Aaron
                      Aaron commented
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                      The feedback was pretty clear: the reverb was too complicated. We tried to capture the essence with all the new models. Let us know if we have missed something. We would sooner create a new model than bring back all of the controls. Thanks for your input.

                    • puffycaps
                      puffycaps commented
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                      Totally get that and saw it coming from the forum. I might've been one of the few who really liked messing with all those params. Great for feeding strange processed samples back into blackbox. I'll hold onto hope 1010 will make a new dedicated FXbox with those settings to challenge Beebo one day

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                    This is a great start with playback position and punch-in/out.

                    I just noticed when you enter the original edit screen by pressing "B" you have to hit the "Edit" button again to see the new screen, the "A" button doesn't do anything. I'd expect "A" to take me back to the new screen. It would also be helpful to be able to enter markers but I can live without them.

                    Mono FX sends only show on the Main page, I hope to see it as well on the Track page. (perhaps have a menu option to show CUE or OUT3 on the track page).

                    +1 for adding an advanced page for the reverb (but I love the simplicity and would take the new version over the old)
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                      Fantastic! I'll come back with a couple of observations (/bugs) when I can characterise them more helpfully, but other than the wonderful additions (bravo and thank you), I really do miss the extensive reverb settings (although the presets are certainly a more immediate approach), and would love it if they could (re)appear in an 'advanced' tab.


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                        Really liking this so far. FX improvements are amazing, makes it so much more usable. Timeline is wonderful too.

                        Question: what do the little white boxes on the left of the timeline mean?

                        Thanks for a great update


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                          Originally posted by idylmind
                          +1 for adding an advanced page for the reverb (but I love the simplicity and would take the new version over the old)
                          another +1 and also would take the new version over the old ;-)