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  • Hearing White noise


    I just bought the bluebox today and when I create a new project or with the demo projects included, I can hear white noise coming from my monitors (neumann KH80) even if vol, the gain and the master are at 0 db. If I mute all the tracks or if I lower the vol to the minimum of all 4 tracks the white noise stop. When I use headphones via the phones output I don't hear the white noise. If I change the output of the phones to main i can hear the white noise. If I plug the phones via output 1 I can hear the white noise. The bluebox is powered in the wall directly, not by usb. If I raise the gain (don't have anything in the inputs), the vol or the master the white sound grow louder. The firmware version is 1.08. I don't have a micro SD USB connector for now.

    Is this normal or there should not be any white noise?
    Is the outdated version of the firmware could be the cause of the white noise?
    Can you help me?


    here's a link of what i can hear when everything at 0 vol 0 gain and master at 0db :

    here is a picture with high gain and nothing connected to inputs and no track playing. As you can see. it's producing noise. it produce even more noise with high vol and still no track playing.

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    Sounds like everything is just set too high to me! Most systems output a bit of noise when everything is up. I find Bluebox to be very loud (perhaps something to do with eurorack levels although I wouldn't know!) and had to fiddle with my gain staging for a while. Most of of my synths are at about 75% volume on the units themselves. I had to turn some gains down in Bluebox and I crank my speakers up rather than the BB master volume, which is rarely at 0. I do get some system noise but it's nothing drastic and I'm not sure what's BB and what's hardware tbh! Dunno if that helps at all.

    EDIT - the fact you're getting noise from main outs but not phones suggests it's expected behaviour as headphone amps are usually quieter
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      This could also be gain comp. on the compressor. You should check the settings.


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        Turning gain down helped quite a bit when I was getting lots of noise through an OUT2 send/return. I had both the Main gain and Out gain too high. And the default Auto Makeup Gain (AutoMkup) on the compressor was adding some noise. Much less noisy now! Thanks for the info.
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