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Unwanted sidechain

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  • Unwanted sidechain

    Hi. In the following setup: channel 1 split in 2 x mono. Left BD, right SD and on channel 5 split into 2 x mono, left eurorack CVO, right eurorack CVO, there is some sidechaining going on and i don't understand why. Every time de BD kicks in on channel 1 the CVO on channel 5 disappears. I really like the compression but i don't want a sidechain effect. How can i achieve that?

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    What you are probably hearing is the compressor being too aggressive and muting stuff you don't want. Try lowering the volume of the kick and the other stuff should be more audible.


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      Could we somehow make this « wanted sound chaining » feature ?


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        Yes, definitely experience this too… could anyone recommend compressor setting to avoid this, or do I just turn the vol down on the offending incoming signal?


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          Any experienced user out there that can recommend a good starting point for compression settings for a few genres please?

          I haven't a clue what I'm doing


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            I have the same experience and usually it happens because one my channels is much louder, especially Eurorack stuff tends to be loud. The master compressor is acting like a limiter in this case, I haven't played around with the settings too much but here is a video of Dave Mech who uses the Digitakt master compressor as a limiter:

            I know it has different settings but maybe you get something from it. It is good to learn about compression as it can sometimes be a bit abstract in what is going on (especially if you are not seeing anything but have to base it on your hearing only) and I'm also still learning about it. If I played more with the compressor in the future on the bluebox I will let you know!