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Issues with new Bluebox

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  • Issues with new Bluebox

    New user here. I just got myself a new Bluebox from Gear4music and I’m having a few issues I’m hoping to rectify. Firstly, the unit takes 1min 45sec to boot up. Is that normal? Secondly, the touch screen is completely unresponsive. The clicky buttons seem to work, but the 4 dials either side of the display don’t seem to be responding correctly as there is a significant lag in registering movements on the display. Am I doing something wrong? How do I rectify? Btw, I’m using the supplied 5v power supply and USB cable. Cheers

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    This does not sound normal if you are using the supplied connectors (and not your own USB). I would use the e-mail on the support page for sure and 1010 will get back to you quickly.