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[Bug report] Bluebox UI freeze when midi in clock is sent and transport is playing

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  • [Bug report] Bluebox UI freeze when midi in clock is sent and transport is playing

    Hi, I've reported this issue with some details and different tests in the 1.1 feedback thread (, but since I've also reproduced it on 1.0 firmware it's worth getting its own thread.

    The issue I've been experiencing is pretty simple: whenever I send midi through the midi TRS input of the Blueblox and when the transport is playing, after a random amount of time (sometimes a few seconds, most often around 10-15min) the UI completely freezes: the audio continue to work, but the screen is completely frozen and the Bluebox doesn't respond to any press.

    I've tried many things:
    - Using only a Digitakt to send the midi clock, with a direct connection and nothing else
    - Using a different power cable (of course including the one it came with)
    - Using different power supply (of course including the one it came with)
    - Removing the bluebox from the transport case I'm using (just in case it was a heat dissipation issue)
    Nothing helps.

    However, the issue occurs ONLY if:
    - The bluebox transport is playing. I don't thing I ever got any freeze as long as the play button isn't lit.
    - The bluebox receives midi through the midi in cable. Never got a freeze when midi wasn't wired.

    I would like to know if other users also have the same experience. It's very problematic for me because i need to have midi clock for delay sync in my setup.
    I'm also wondering if maybe I have a faulty unit, but given the context I would think it's more likely to be a software issue.

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    Hello Siindie!

    Very well described me and some other useres are facing this issue:
    I've almost 100 % reproduction rate with rk-006


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      Please try bluebox 1.1.3, released just now:


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        I tried 1.1.3, so far so good thanks!!! I've left my setup running for about an 1h and no crash (it used to happen in 10-15mins) \o/
        I'll make more extensive tests as soon as I can, but this definitely seems promising!


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          That’s very good news, I’ll make some extensive tests later today as well. It was really problematic to have that problem in the setup.

          The other good news is that now they can focus on some cool new stuff


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            Had the same problem. The Bluebox UI froze alltogether after 15-60 min - not reacting to any button presses or screen touches anymore.

            Scenario: Incoming audio on 8 channels and BB receiving midi clock from a RD-6 distributed via a Retrokits RK-006, BB plugged to the wall via the og power suppyl/cable.

            Am on 1.1.2. Trying 1.1.3 now, will report if this solved the issue.