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Pre-Fader vs Post-Fader Recording

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  • Pre-Fader vs Post-Fader Recording

    I am unclear about the practical usage of recording pre-fader vs post-fader. What does it do exactly? In what scenarios would it be advantageous to select one over the other?

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    I'd like to know that too


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      Recording post-fader means you record exactly what you hear. If you change the level of several tracks, it gets recorded. If you make changes to EQ, FX, Level, Pan, etc it will be recorded. This is the best option when you want to capture a live performance as-is.

      Pre-fader allows you to mix in real-time, for your room. The audio will be recorded before it travels through the channel, EQ, FX, Level, Pan, etc. This is the best option when you want to play or rehearse live - but record the underlying tracks to mix later in a DAW.


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        Hey Steve, is this the current behaviour of pre-fader recording in ver 1.2.7?
        I’m hoping it is as I don’t want to record the Eq, just the incoming signal after the gain stage.

        I did a quick little EQ test, and the Bloob does indeed record the individual track, Pre-EQ, when set to record Pre-Fader, great news as this is the most useful implementation.
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