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Mute one channel from out, but keep listening on cue

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  • Mute one channel from out, but keep listening on cue

    The new firmware gave me hope for some functionality, but either I can't do it or it's not possible.

    I have speakers (out) and headphones (cue) connected to the two audio outputs. I wish I could disable a channel from the loudspeaker output (like the mute), but so that you can still hear it on the headphones. I need this to select the sound of the instrument so that I can hear it myself through the headphones, but not through the speakers. Of course, the other channels would play all the time, it is not about the mute whole output, but a specific instrument.

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    ... one more thing. I was able to do this partially when I chose the source for the CUE in the settings. This is a partial solution to the problem because, for example, the headphone listening was working (on the main there was a mute), but I could not hear the FX.

    Complementing the above question, I would like to be able to do a MUTE on the selected channel on the MAIN, but still hear it on the CUE with all the effects.