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Does the headphones out have a volume control?

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  • Does the headphones out have a volume control?

    Not in front of it now and not finding anything that states that it does.

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    Yes, in MAIN page you have dedicated volume controls for all the outputs (master/OUT1, phones/CUE, OUT2 and eventually OUT3).


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      What happens if you set the headphones out from main mix instead of CUE? Does the phones/CUE level still applies to monitor the headphones level?


      • Steve
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        Yes. It does.

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      Is it still possible to use the volume controls in the headphones themselves? And what is the difference between these two controllers?
      I’ve just bought good headphones from, and I wonder whether they are compatible with this mixer/recorder. I didn’t think about the compatibility when I was in the process of choosing headphones, and now, I need to find out whether I use them to their full capacity. There’s also a volume controller in the headphones that I think works even better than the one in the bluebox.​
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        If you can adjust the volume on the headphones, yes. But you can't adjust from your headphones and have the bluebox respond.