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Bluebox midi sync, punch in, start from seems unreliable.

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  • Bluebox midi sync, punch in, start from seems unreliable.

    So my BB is getting clock and transport via midi trs from my Digitakt. When I set it to start at a specific bar, and hit play, it either begins a half bar (or less) early or later, or if I’m lucky, it does start on time. If I do it a couple times (start/stop) in row I can hear it going..half bar early, half bar later…and then right on time! And sorta cycles thru in the same order. It’s a consistent and highly replicable problem on my end. I’m using the latest beta that was dropped back in March (or April?). Has anyone else encountered this problem? I also haven’t tried using the BB as the clock master, because it wouldn’t be very ideal for my current set up.
    Thanks for the help!

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    We will always need to know which firmware version (as a number) you are using in order to help.


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      Ah! So that sense…and also led me to realize there was a new beta that dropped in May! I’m on .7 now and it seems alittle better. But still alternates between being on beat and then a little late. I just switched the bb to send transport to everything else and it is definitely a lot more accurate…which makes sense I suppose. Is there any possibility the BB could accept analog clock in from one of the inputs or possibly the midi-in in the near future? I think it really comes down to midi just not being the best resolution for spot on reliability. Anyways, thanks for your response!


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        If you can, send a video of this. Enable only the metronome/click on both devices. Maybe send/show your MIDI settings for clock, transport, etc. We can try to reproduce what you are doing. Not sure if adding an analog clock input is possible.