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Time units in assets.xml

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    Time units in assets.xml

    I am trying to create a small editor for bluebox recordings and am wondering about the units of the trackstarttm/trackendtm parameters in assets.xml. Did anyone figure them out?

    I did the math for one of my projects and it seems to be
    trackstarttm = (x-1) * 3840
    where x is the bar number.

    The math adds up, at least for that particular project.

    I needed to find out so I could insert my recorded track files/assets into my DAW at the same time position I had recorded them in my project in BlueBox.
    This turned out to be challenging because I had used punch in/punch out several times.
    My project BPM is 137 with files/assets having:
    trackstarttm 0 equals recording started at bar 1
    trackstarttm 42240 equals recording started at bar 12
    trackstarttm 72960 equals recording started at bar 20

    I hope this is helpful. Cheers.