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Performance, heat and freezing issues

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    Performance, heat and freezing issues

    I know this has been discussed a bit:
    • UI becomes laggy (when i got the unit it was super slick)
    • UI completely freezes but audio is still going through, external midi controllers have no effect any more
    • unit is quite warm all the time
    It feels like a buffer overrun or memory problem. Currently i m using delay and longer revers, 4 channels IN but i m ok to not use it at all.

    @1010 : is there a chart of what functionality of the device consumes the most resources? i m not even recording anymore, many features that i needed and why i bought the bluebox are not in use anymore.

    is there a way to completely diasble certain functions, especially the reverb/delay? i can turn it down and unmap but it seems the BB is still killing resources with it. disabling.

    i m using the shipped adapter and cable and followed the forum advices as far as i could find them.

    Where are you located? Show us your power cable and adapter. Tell us more about the firmware version (as a number). Also tell us about your MicroSD card, its specs, when you last formatted it, and how. Next, what is (physically) connected to the bluebox? All of these things can potentially contribute to your experience.


      Hi Steve, thanks for your reply and apologies for not responding, I didnt get a notification email of your reply.

      I could manage to figure out some things, in the end its now working stable with the shipped usb adapter and a specific usb cable combination.

      i tried to use a spare usb adapter with good quality and way over the specs of the shipped one but the BB has trouble accepting anything else. UI becomes laggy, freezes etc. What are the specs of a working USB supply? As said i use one w enough amps and watt. I need a spare adapter when i m travelling and performing bc it seems to be hard to find a working one and i literally tried dozens that match the specs.