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Bluebox MIDI Lag / Stutter Problem

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    Bluebox MIDI Lag / Stutter Problem

    I have a bluebox about 3 weeks, and I've been using it with an AKAI Midimix.
    Since the beginning I noticed this lag / stuttering problem, but I seemed that it was only a UI display update, because it didn't influenced sound performance.

    Now this stutter problem besides freezing the UI, it's very audible, sometimes it freezes completly the UI doesn't matter what it's being done in the Midi controller.. any help to solve this would be very much appreciated. I don't feel confortable in taking BB to live acts.

    I'm leaving a link to a video showing this behaviour, I hope you can see it.

    Reduced the number of tracks to 6 hoping that it would give some relief to the mixer, but it's totally the same.
    It's unusable after 5 or 10 minutes of use.

    My sessions last two hours in maximum, and I always turn the entire system off.
    I wonder how did this started to happen after 3 weeks of regular use? It seems that the processor is overloaded.

    Tried using the mixer without the MIDI controller and works ok, but touching screens while performing it's just not my thing.

    I'm using the original card, firmware is 1.2.7


      I've been thinking what might has changed on my side because BB was working properly, and figured that I was using another power adapter.
      Switched to the power adapter that came with the BB and everything is back to normal


        Glad to hear you got it working.

        For everyone else reading this... we will always ask you how you are powering your device when you contact support. This is a great example.