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korg Nanokontrol issue

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    korg Nanokontrol issue

    I was on firmware 1.0.8 and had many issue with korg nanokontrol to control volumes on bluebox .
    Problems like freez of all the controls even on the touch screen but the music continous playing on the bluebox and I had to disconnect the nanokontrol to unfreez the volumes controsl on the touch screen . And when I reconnect the nankontrol to the bluebox the mapping was not fluid, not smooth anymore.
    I upgraded the firmware to 1.2.7 it's worse : when I push 2 or more fader at the same times the faders on the screen follow by jumping or froze there position.
    please help

    Hi, I have the nanokontrol 2 with my Bluebox 1.2.7 firmware on usb host and it's work very well
    I change all boutons functions from momentary to toggle on the Korg control editor (computer)
    no freez at all