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Unable to change EQ type/mode via Midi

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    Unable to change EQ type/mode via Midi

    Hello! I’m running 1.2.7 and I’m attempting to use midi to change the EQ type/mode.

    I’m able to get the EQ mode/type (bottom right knob/parameter) to learn a midi cc. ✅

    However when I adjust the corresponding midi control knob, to change the EQ mode/type via midi, bluebox does not cycle through the available values (l cut, l shelf, Param, h cut, h shelf) it will only change the setting back to “none” or if it’s already set to “none” there’s no change.

    All other settings assigned to midi cc’s, including the other EQ parameters (gain, freq and q value) respond to midi as expected!

    I’m using an RK006 as a hub and squarp pyramid to send midi. No other issues!
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    I’ve also confirmed same (unable to adjust EQ with midi) behavior in 1.2.14


      While the EQ mode control is mappable (it shouldn't be), it does not accept CC control.


        Will CC control for EQ mode be added, is there a reason it shouldn’t be?


          Thanks for the clarification Steve! Glad to know I hadn’t missed something

          Just to give an example of the desire use case, I’ve programmed automation on an external sequencer to run a four bar filter sweep and then I had wanted to have the EQ revert back to “normal/none” with a single CC change (rather than using multiple CC changes to reset all the parameters back to zero). Similarly, I had wanted to “jump” between different EQ modes (low shelf vs high shelf) with a single CC change.

          The smooth bluebox encoders have been a little tricky for this use case since it’s easy to “miss” when changing between EQ modes.

          I’ll submit it as a wishlist item!
          hope y’all’s holidays were great!