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Adding Bluebox Ch and Master "3 Band EQ"

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  • Adding Bluebox Ch and Master "3 Band EQ"

    -Wish List-
    I would like to use simple 3 band EQ "HI,MID, LOW" instead.
    If there are those 2 different type of EQ switchable (Parametric or 3band) on each ch and Master.
    very nice and handling for Live performing and quick re-balance.
    Parametric EQ is very nice but simple 3 band EQ(4band also cool) is much useful depending the location.
    especially on the Live stage, DJ booth....
    I am sure to make this Firmware update programming that much easier than Parametric EQ......
    Please try to add this cool function for Bluebox.

    The best 3 band EQ come with Crossover setting!!!
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