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How do I factory reset my Bluebox? Odd issues with it.

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    How do I factory reset my Bluebox? Odd issues with it.


    How do I factory reset my Bluebox? I'm getting some odd issues where my stereo inputs are acting like mono. If I pan to the right from something like the Digitakt I hear it, but to the left I hear nothing, but on the track page I see the blue go up so it is getting the sound feed but you hear nothing.


    Please provide more detail regarding your issue. There are certain conditions where this will happen. It has to do with how you have the pre/post options setup - and what exactly you are doing. Please also share your firmware version as a number.

    There is no reset for this.


      Sure, I can send screenshots over too if you let me know which ones.

      So I have been trying to test if stereo is working from my Digitakt and Digitone, I've only just got it so it maybe just be.

      Digitakt is in input port 1
      Digitone is in input port 2

      So for example on the Digitakt if I hit play and I can see on the tracks section on the Bluebox that the 2 bars are going up and down, if I pan the Digitakt to the L on the Digitakt I can hear it still via the Bluebox's phono or Output 1 port to my headphones and it shows just the 1 bar now on the L on the Bluebox, if I then pan to the R fully on the Digitakt I hear nothing, however on the Bluebox I see the blue bar going up and down on the R as if it is receiving audio and nothing on the L as you would expect.

      The same happens on the Digitone and my Steam Deck which I used as another test in input 4 using a single 1/8 both ends to the stereo phono port on it, L ok and R not, but can see the activity that is receiving it on the R but hear nothing.

      Cables I use -‚Äč

      FW: 1.2.7 - I was on the latest beta but downgraded just incase it was an issue.


        Have you tried from a new preset?


          I have not, what page of the manual is that on please? Is this like a template for each song so it's setup just how I like it when I create a new project?


            Push the PROJ button. Touch File > New at the top. Routings are stored at the project level so it is possible that is your issue.