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"Please insert micro SD card"

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  • "Please insert micro SD card"


    every time I plug in the Bluebox I get the message saying "Please insert micro SD card".

    I went through this forum and saw that people had issues with using different cables or different firmware updates were suggested as a solution. I am using the original cable and also checked out both firmware updates, 1.2.14 and 1.2.7 but I get the error message with both firmwares.

    What could be the problem? Can anybody hint me to a solution?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    have you tried to format thee microSD? Use SD Card Formatter. Also, which card are you using? I find the SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 128g (and larger) works best in the bluebox.


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      hi, i just bought a gigastone 256 gb a2 card for the bluebox, no chance, formatted fast formatted slow, nothing, any idea?

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    I am using the Kingston Canvas Select Plus 32GB SD card.

    In one of your older posts I saw now that you recommend to not just have a good quality SD card but also to format it on a regular basis. Does this mean that I have download the newest firmware onto the SD card when I do that and save the audio files beforehand since formatting means getting rid of all the data that is on the card?

    BTW I formatted the card now (with the software of the SD association) and then put the new bin file (version 1.2.14 onto it but is still shows the "please insert micro SD card".
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      Yes, make sure to back up your files before formatting. We provide you with a decent-quality card, but I would suggest the card I mentioned above. My next best guess is that your card is dying - or dead. The next step is to try another card. Any card should work to test but the better quality card will perform better during use.

      You only need the .bin file during the upgrade process.


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        Ok many thanks for the reply. Will get the suggested card, format and try if it works.


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          Tried out with the suggested SD card, now the Bluebox works fine. Thanks for the quick support, much appreciated!


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            tried two 256gb cards, gigastone 4k camera pro and sandisc extreme, no sucsess, changed firmware to 1.1., didnĀ“t help either, formated the cards around 25 time now with different formaters, nothing helps ... any more ideas?