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    Recording volume

    So tl;dr first: My issue is that the volume levels of the individual tracks AND the main mix are significantly lower when I move the wav-files from the SD card to my PC and listen to them there in any program.

    BB Firmware: 1.2.7

    Routing: I have a Deluge external synth (and a Roland mc-101 + a Roland J-6) that send their audio straight to the BB on three separate channels. The Out 1 on my BB is routed to my Focusrite 4i4 3rd gen audio interface on the analog in 1 and analog in 2 channels (through a Behringer HD400 Hum Destroyer).

    The issue: When I play my song on the three synths and listen to the live mix through the BB + Focusrite, the volume levels are pretty spot on and easily so loud they start to hurt my ears if I turn it up just a bit on the focusrite. If I start any electronic track on Spotify on my computer, the volume levels are pretty similar compared to my track. I do have the compressor enabled with default settings on the BB and it sounds really good live.

    If I record my song and listen back to the recording, it sounds identical to what I just heard. If I move the wave files into Ableton, the waveforms are barely even visible because the amplitude is so low. If I want it to sound like on the BB, I have to normalize in something like Audacity and then apply a compressor in Ableton (or just use Makeup gain in the Ableton compressor).

    I am aware of the rec source: Post/Pre fader setting, but it doesn't really seem to do anything. Based on my tests the following happens:

    Compressor on, Rec source: Post fader: Low volume in wav files
    Compressor on, Rec source: Pre fader: Low volume in wav files
    Compressor off, Rec source whatever: Seriously low volume in wav files

    It seems like the compressor is applied to the recording if I listen to it on the BB, because if while pressing play and playing back the track I just recorded I go into main and turn off the compressor, the volume drops significantly, so I'm inclined to draw the following conclusions:

    * When the live mix sounds good with compression ...
    * ... the recording is always several dB lower in the wav file, but it does contain some compression, because there is a difference between compressor on/off wav file recordings
    * If I play back the low vol recordings of the three individual tracks, the end result sounds like the live mix
    * If I turn off compression while playing back the recording of the three separate tracks, the volume levels dip a bit, but about as much as if I turn off the compressor in the live mix
    * If I load up the main mix wav on a new track (and deactivate the three separate tracks), even with compression the volume is really really low
    * If I load up the separate track wav files on my pc, their volume is also crazy low

    Below you see an image of Ableton with the three main mixes loaded into separate tracks. Pink one is comp on / prefader, purple one is comp on / post fader and last one is comp off.

    Click image for larger version

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    What is my question? Well, I guess it's "is this by design?", should it be this way or am I missing something? Come to think of it, I haven't factory reset my BB yet, so maybe I should try that. I bought it second-hand. Maybe the real questions is: "Is there any way I can record and end up with something closer to the live mix I'm hearing"?

    Thanks for reading my insanely long post.