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Bluebox. Send Return issue

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  • Bluebox. Send Return issue

    I just got bluebox the other day and am setting it up for my next gig.

    So my question is.
    To use Hologram Microcosm for Bluebox send returns

    Bluebox Out2 -> Microcosm input
    Microcosm outy -> Bluebox in6
    I have this routing set up.

    So the effect is OK, but 
    But when I turn off the microcosm with the Send volume (MainPage Vol T6) of Blueboxn as it is, I get noise? A clipping sound occurs.
    For example, if I play Beat on T1 with Octatrack, it sounds clipped to the attack sound of the kick, or it sounds weird like doubling.
    When T6 is muted, the symptom disappears.

    If I turn off the microcosm and play with the same settings, the sound is normal even if the T6 volume is turned up and the microcosm itself is off.

    So is this a problem with bluebox itself? I am wondering if this is a problem with the bluebox itself.

    Out2 is set to send pre fader stereo.

    Please let me know if you have a solution.

    Translated with (free version)​