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Noob question: Recordings don't include the applied FX

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  • Noob question: Recordings don't include the applied FX

    I got my bluebox last week and so far I'm really happy with it. One thing I can't find out on my own (and couldn't find out by searching the forum), and I'm pretty sure this is a noob question:

    While jamming, I applied FX to several tracks, especially drum tracks. When I record a take on the bluebox and play it back, everything is fine. However, when I copy the WAV files from the card to my computer and feed them in Ableton, the FX are no longer applied. How do I change this?

    I have tried changing the FX Send settings in Main from Pre to Post Fader, I have changed the Rec FX Wav from Off to On, I have changed the Rec Source between Pre and Post Fader but I get the same result (no FX).

    I am running firmware 1.2.15.

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Taken from the firmware notes:

    MAIN >> Button B.
    Look for Rec FX WAV. When this is enabled and the main is set to record, recording will generate three files: Main Output, FX1 Return, and FX2 Return.


    • xArtVandelayx
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      Editing a comment
      Thank you! I can do this but it is not exactly what I wanted. I'm trying to have the Bluebox actually apply (imprint?) the FX to the individual WAV files of the tracks to which I applied the FX in the mixing process. I put some reverb and delay on a snare drum sound for example and I want the snare WAV file to sound like it sounded in the mixing process.

      Now I always have to add effects later on again in Ableton. I'd like to avoid having to do this extra step.

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    You never know what the Firmware updates will bring...
    Maybe this option to "merge all audio into one WAV" will come.


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      The MAIN track captures everything, including FX and EQ.


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        Thanks, I understand that the MAIN track captures everything, but again I am looking for something different! I wanted to know whether there was a way of having the individual wav tracks/stems include FX (and EQ).


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          The FX are bus FX so they will not get printed to an individual track. EQ is per track and is recorded to individual tracks.