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BlueBox Playback to Record another Layer

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  • BlueBox Playback to Record another Layer

    I have recorded o to tracks 1 and 2.
    Now playing back the recorded tracks.
    I would like to now record another layer on track 3 while playing back the recording.
    Is this possible? Please link any references. Thanks.

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    Ok so with a bit of perseverance and digging thru YouTube tutorials … Check link supplied.

    I found this guide for loading stems to play along to, live and multitrack setup.
    Thing to note is that to record another track; you will need to set it to an empty track line. For example;

    I’ve got 6 Tracks set to work with have;
    - Digitakt on Track 1
    - Digitone on Track 2
    - BlackBox on Track 3 and 4
    (Using left and right for two different pads Output 1L 1R and another pad on Output 2 or 3)
    - Track 5 and 6 Available to openly use.

    If I want to record the Digitakt or Digitone again I would select Track 5 but listen in on the inputs which are coming in from those external devices - being 1L1R or 2L2R on BlueBox>Track>B> …