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    We definitely hear the requests for better editing tools - and no promises but - there will be firmware updates. We aren't finished with the bluebox! Thanks for the requests.


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      I don't know if it's wildly out of the realm of the possible, but a spectrum analyzer visual overlay on the EQ would be amazing.

      Also 2nding these two suggestions:

      Add playback jog position
      Maybe using a knob to increase or decrease playback position on the quarter note. Or one knob for quarter and the other for one bar.

      Dual mono sends on output 2
      Right now I have a ZOIA in an FX loop but I only need a mono send into it. I would like to use Left to send to ZOIA and Right to send to an OP-1 input. If output 2 could be split into mono with 2 different send levels, it would allow for 2 FX loops without having to lose your CUE output.


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        I think cue points to start playback for recording of other tracks (or even listening) is pretty much in everyone's minds

        One thing I would love to have on mine right now is a tuner.


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          Please add ability to choose record point (by bar/beats).. also would be nice to see loop range selection.


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            I'd like to see something that I'm assuming (yeah, I know what happens when you assume) could be easy to implement: a tuner. Just a way to have a tuner to the inputs, so when you have a bunch of analog synths plugged in (some that don't have their own tuner...I'm looking at you Poly-D) that you can see if everything is in tune with each other. You could put it on the Tools page.