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    Hi all

    I am very excited about preordering this little guy as it seems to tick most of my boxes, though there's a few things I would like to be updated
    1. The ability to rename stereo outputs. Currently these are Main, OUT2, and CUE but as I intend to use these as sends I'd love to rename these to SND1/SND2 or something along those lines
    2. Compression per track instead of master
    3. Adding LFO's as additional fx, to be assignable to pan, EQs etc
    4. USB file transfer. I don't necessarily care about a full audio interface experience, but it would be nice to be able to transfer the data via USB instead of constantly moving the sd card
    5. Using it as a looper
    6. A timeline waveform display?
    7. Potentially the ability to select if the input is line level
    8. Ability to route individual tracks to stereo outputs, similarly to what input routing does.
    So these are just a couple of things whilst we all wait for the delivery.

    Thanks for reading

    Edit: Added some more.
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    I'm very excited too and I'm about to pre-order.

    My wish list is:
    1. Spectrum analyzer
    2. Advanced mastering effect (going beyond EQ and compressor)


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      1. USB file transfer
      2. FX overdrive / distortion !!
      3. Playing recorded tracks with a midi command (i.e. a simple sampler)
      4. If it is not possible to record all tracks with FX, then maybe at least one channel can be sent to a dedicated output as "wet" (effect only, without original sound).
      4b. ...OR all FX settings could be saved to separated automation log then it could be possible to play it again and export tracks one-by-one with effects.
      5. Possibility to use the device as a looper
      6. Setting which version of the recording is the main one (e.g. marking it in the file name) [this is done]
      7. Mentioned LFO
      8. Presets for various functions, eg EQ, Reverb, etc.
      9. Templates for projects
      10. We have a USB host, so maybe it could be possible to route signals from usb midi to standard MIDI out? It would additionally be a midi usb converter for traditional midi output. Of course, there should be a configuration on which channel the signal should be sent. [moved to another topic]
      11. Optional, automatic (or one-button) deletion of older versions of recordings, e.g. older than 3 versions back
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        6. Setting which version of the recording is the main one (e.g. marking it in the file name)

        Oh man comping in a tiny device like that


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          midi control over mixer parameters using CC or NRPN. recording the midi input, whether it's this 'automation' data or a midi performance from other instruments, or both. multiple tracks of this... record a midi performance alongside audio tracks, then record a midi automation so that a mixdown or mix-performance can be repeated.
          'fuel gauge' for card usage, cpu & so on.
          record the stereo mix (with effects) as well as the stems. allow multiple takes of this, so that if you're building a performance a track (or more) at a time, the 'take' increments with each additional track, so you have multiple versions of the stereo master track accumulating alongside the clean tracks/takes. you would be able to discard these rough/guide mixes as the project progresses.
          I'll think of more... :-)

          uh, yeah.... here's one- midi control (either from outside the unit or the 'automation track' or both) of active take.


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            Hi all. My main requests are the ability to use the bluebox as a live looper and Midi CC similar to how the Blackbox operates. If it gets both of those in a new firmware update its an instant purchase for me!


            • Steve
              Steve commented
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              how would you use a looper? which feature are you looking for?

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            My wish list
            -Any Left(or Right) output could be as send1 for an external mono FX1(could merge stereo signal to mono)
            -Any Right(or Left) output could be as send2 for an external mono FX2(could merge stereo signal to mono)

            because crazy effect pedals are always built as mono...


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              Feature Requests / Changes

              Delay and Reverb FX returns send to CUE (aka send FX to custom mix)
              Delay and Reverb don't show up in CUE mix

              EQ start in bypass / ability to bypass (perhaps button B)
              Would allow for performance type moves, like a preset LPF you can engage with the push of a button.
              Selecting eq band type shouldn’t be active, as you scroll through eq band types, it's active causing filtering to happen, making "live eq" a problem.
              An easy fix might be to tweak the default LPF and HPF frequencies. Right now "H Cut" starts at 80Hz, which is pretty extreme when you're cycling through to select your preferred band type.
              Perhaps change the default state of the LPF to 10K and HPF could maybe start at 20Hz?

              Add playback jog position
              Maybe using a knob to increase or decrease playback position on the quarter note. Or one knob for quarter and the other for one bar.

              Dual mono sends on output 2
              Right now I have a ZOIA in an FX loop but I only need a mono send into it. I would like to use Left to send to ZOIA and Right to send to an OP-1 input. If output 2 could be split into mono with 2 different send levels, it would allow for 2 FX loops without having to lose your CUE output.

              Copy & Delete Projects

              Copy & Paste (or save) track level/sends settings

              Compression gain reduction meter
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              • _the55
                _the55 commented
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                dual mono sends on OUT2 (and CUE) would be huge

              • visious
                visious commented
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                yes: playback jog position. perhaps separate macro and micro resolution controls. plus: referencing even the most rudimentary visual ‘waveform’ of the total mix length would be useful.

              • mattbiddulph
                mattbiddulph commented
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                Another vote for dual mono sends!

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              very happy with the new awesome box, definitely meeting expectations. one workflow thing so far:


              when starting a new project i would like the track settings, input mapping, midi settings to come from an existing project. but not sound files

              possible solutions
              • "Templates for projects" *
              • simply a "new from" option, where a new project is created from an old, but not copying sounds
              • "save as" or "copy project" *. open a project, save as a new project... i guess manually delete existing sounds
              • etc?
              * h/t to previous posters

              if there is someway to do this currently, i'd be happy to hear it. thx


              • idylmind
                idylmind commented
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                You can copy the project on your computer, rename it, load it back onto the Bluebox, remove all audio files and click save. Put that back on your computer and call it template. Copy that template a few times back onto your SD card and just rename that template when you want to create a new project.

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              Feature Requests

              Custom user presets for EQ
              This would allow "copying" to apply it to other projects or while moving tracks around.
              If you have 5-10 projects for a performance, it would be helpful to "save" a setting and quickly be able to apply that setting after loading each session.

              Disable sends on individual tracks
              For example, disabling the "Out 2" send on a FX Return to avoid accidental feedback loops.

              Numerical values for all knobs
              It would help recalling and dialing in settings across multiple channels / projects

              Custom colors for tracks (even if it's a small selection of 3 or 4 colors)
              I would use this to denote stems and fx returns VS live input tracks

              Class Compliant USB Audio
              It would seemingly make it a goto mixer for streaming performances. Being able to plug usb into your phone and stream the audio would save from having to use an additional device, simplifying streaming setups.

              Class Compliant MIDI over USB (and MIDI through)
              I had hoped I would be able to use this box to let my OP-1 “talk” to DIN MIDI passing through the front MIDI ports.

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                individual suggestions should be in their own threads so they can be liked / upvoted


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                  You can reply and comment supporting the idea you like.


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                    I would like to see a waveform display with the ability to set loop points , cut sections , lift, drop repeat ..op1 like workflow except with better stero sound quality and dealing in wave form not tracks... The op1 beat matching concept very handy for cutting and splicing.


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                      I was also thinking an OP-1 style editor could be really cool, like using A/B and rotaries to split, lift, move and drop portions of audio.

                      Actually with the rotaries the move part could be even more convenient.

                      That would also let us set the punch-in recording position in the armed tracks.

                      And suddenly this thing aside to the Blackbox would become an OP-1 in steroids. Only a base providing indépendant power to both of them + stereo speakers will be missing