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usb mass storage?

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    I appreciate that steve. thanks for responding. micro sd cards are amazing. my first computer had a 40 megabyte hard drive that you had to wait on while it booted to 2mb ram. that was a mac classic. now you can fit 512gb on a micro sd card. but that thing is tiny and im going blind apparently. i hope all you whipper snappers realize that youll go blind one day too, or at least functionally so.


    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      for clarity - I'm far from a whippersnapper. In fact, you and I are likely in the same generation.

      I had the Mac 512 Classic. I remember buying an add-on board (the size of the computer) that doubled that memory. I found a small MIDI adaptor and had a Yamaha DX-21. It played TWO sounds at once. Sometimes, I think those days were much easier! My eyes were much better then! My glasses Rx is complicated!!

    • jayneural
      jayneural commented
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      Macintosh ED here. Only 720KB floppies ! Spent my time swapping them.

      Now we can literally stick 10 Terabytes just on our hand's nails

      20 TB if we do the pedicure as well. Or a middle-end enterprise storage array.

    • Solipsvs
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      im joshin fellas although my eyes arent getting better.

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    Well, you could have all your stems on the microSD and do the mix-down on the external drive. This could be real convenient. Just saying.


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      USB file transfer is #1 on my wishlist by far - i transfer files to my pc every day and scared the card slot will break.
      Ecstatic with the unit otherwise, it sounds soooo goood.


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        USB file transfer is a must for devices like these, and I'm baffled this hasn't been implemented from the get-go.

        Please make it happen asap.


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          I just bought a blackbox and I am absolutely amazed that I have to take the micro SD card out of the unit to transfer samples !!!!!!! Surely that can't be correct or have I just beamed back to 1975 ?


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            Yes, I have to say that popping out a tiny, fiddly card, finding where you left your adapter, trying not to drop the card as you plug it in, etc. is just a horrible user experience.

            Which is at odds with this amazing bit of hardware, which in all other respects is just so… useful!

            USB mass storage feels like a necessary quality of life improvement IMO.