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  • Channel send mutes

    While we can set the level at which each track is sent to each output, and the levels of the outputs, and mute either entire tracks or entire outputs, there's no way to mute the send of a single track to a single output. Adding this would mean that one can get a send level dialed in and then quickly (e.g. via midi) flip the track on and off. This lets you select which tracks go to a performance effect/sampler/audio looper quickly, in a live compatible way.

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    I have a parallel wish. I would like to be able to mute tracks per output, but I'd go one step further and introduce channel assigns, more like a "classical" mixer routing scheme, maybe just as an alternate mode of operation. i.e.

    - each independent output behaves as a stereo sub
    - headphones can be cue/monitor (i.e. src is master or pfl) , or a separate out
    - each track has a single level fader, plus assign toggles for each output
    - pfl toggle on each track, when heaphone out is cue/monitor
    - FX returns behave the same as tracks, i.e. level + assign + pfl
    - each submix has its own compressor

    Not that I don't appreciate the power that's already here, I'm totally bowled over with what you've managed to do with bluebox, but I still think the real potential of the multiple outputs can't be achieved without an assignable routing matrix.


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      Hrm. I guess the routing toggles and send mutes are basically equivalent in my head, but I definitely want track gain overall and then per-send gain separately (at least for the not-main outputs). Strong agree on fx returns acting as full tracks and full-featured submixes.


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        Muting sends would be great for live delay and reverb throws for moments in a performance. I currently do this by quickly sweeping the knob from 0 to a high setting to send short sections to FX. Getting my ideal level first and just hitting a MUTE would be so much better!


        • woeps!
          woeps! commented
          Editing a comment
          You could achieve this today by using a configurable midi controller with a button. You could set the CC and value for the button and use it already how you described it.
          I'm not saying your wish is obsolete, but you could already work like that.

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        No, you can't — you can mute the entire track. You can't mute just the send of the track to out 2 or cue — you can only set those to be pre-/post-fader and thus to pick up or not pick up the track mute, and set their individual gains. Unless I've missed something, in which case, awesome, but I don't think so?


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          It's theoretically possible to have a button equal a knob value. It just seems unnecessarily complicated for a simple mute task. I'd prefer not to have a midi controller setup just for this, the draw for me to use the BlueBox is the small size and simplicity of the user interface. I'll stick with my knob sweep and keep my fingers crossed that 1010 might add the send mute in a firmware update.


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            Oh, never mind, I see what woeps! meant now. Yeah, you could manage it by having a midi control handle all of the logic and track the state of what value it's supposed to have. I've got a Faderfox UC4 I'm planning on using with it when I get around to setting it up, but I think that may already be more complexity than I can do with it, and it's kind of silly to need to.