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  • Takes/punch-in

    I can't imagine that this isn't already in the roadmap, but it would be great to be able to have multiple takes of a single track, to punch into a track while it's playing back, and to be able to punch in non-destructively, so you add a partial, time-aligned take. This, plus being able to turn takes on and off for a track and nudge, clip, and copy them would take the Bluebox from "it's a mixer that can record" to "it's a micro-daw that you can finish tracks on".

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    This! This! This!


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      This and some “lift/drop” style arrangement mode à la OP-1


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        Yup punch in is key


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          You can have takes and choose which is active.


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            Along these lines, the ability to sync overdubs to the existing recordings without using a MIDI clock. As I mentioned in another post, the easiest way to do this, it would seem, is to add a db threshold to an armed track ala the BitBox. That way you would not need split-second timing when hitting play on one source (or trying to hit play/record at the same time as trying to play a live instrument, for example) and record/play on the Bluebox.

            As for the mini-DAW comment above, as I also mentioned in another post, the ability to cut/chop/slice/edit a wav file to remove flubs or remove dead space at the beginning of a track, in order to avoid transferring the wav file to another device for editing, and then needing to transfer it back for further use.

            And lastly, the capability, as mentioned above, to copy or clone a track internally, so as to avoid, again, doing that externally and then putting the wav file(s) back into the Bluebox.

            Thanks for any consideration for these requests.


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              yes please punch ins are a must


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                I see a micro-daw on the horizon as well!
                I imagine the Blackbox Sequenzer but with actual audio in the bricks and optimized for long files.
                Like the op1 tape but controlled and useful this time (and without clicks please!)

                This would be a master chief device. It's very very cool already.


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                  +1 for punch in with 'fill in empty' for exporting the files time aligned into a DAW.