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Mp3 and usb connection

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  • Mp3 and usb connection

    I would also love to have the Option to connect a usb cable to access to the micro sd and acess the files this way.

    Also i would love to create a mp3 directly in the Box like i could with the boss br micro

    For effects i wish for a bit reducer/crusher and distortion

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    i asked for the same connectivity but never got as far as receiving a response re: if its possible or not. the unit requires bus power 2a and usb ports only provide 500ma, one quarter the requirement. my guess is no but maybe they will answer that question this time.


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      I think there is an open source library for converting to MP3, lame or something like that. Maybe part of it could be used.

      but mp3 output would make more sense once this box is capable of doing some more advanced mastering.