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  • MIDI Polarity

    Over the 1/8" port, I'm having polarity incompatibility with my OP-Z and ZOIA. A polarity flip would help, the Model Samples has this and it's super useful. Since this box will be the centerpiece, seems like a simple but useful tweak.
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    Bluebox has the hardware to accept Type A or Type B. However, as of 1.0.6, Type A input is not working. We will fix that shortly.


    • jayneural
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      That's cool because it also serves as A/B converter for the setup, will it also work on the output or only the IN ?

      I think I read in the manual that only in is switchable.

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    This is really interesting, as I thought it was Type B only, like the Blackbox. I have a good A>B cable, but if the Bluebox can have input be A and output as B, that would be really cool. I assume that there would not be an option for Midi Thru though, correct?