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  • CUE Switching

    I rewrote this wish because I had initially written it too confusingly.

    It is currently not possible to listen to the main mix and the cue mix at the same time on the phones output. It is too cumbersome to quickly switch between cue and main mix in a live performance. I think it's an important feature because you often want to preview before you add a source to the main mix.

    It would be useful if the solo button could be changed to function as a pre fader listining (PFL) button.
    When no PFL button is pressed you hear the main mix and as soon as you press one or more PFL buttons you hear only the corresponding tracks on the headphones without affecting the main mix on Out 1. Optionally, an additional split cue function would be great, so that you hear on one ear the tracks that are on PFL and on the other the main mix.
    (see Photo 1)

    Alternative Idea:
    The possibility to send Main and Out 2 to the headphones with a cue control like the single tracks (if the setting CUE Source is set to Custom).
    (see Photo 2)

    Current Workaround:
    A workaround is currently to use a second mixer and connect the main out (Out 1) to a stereo channel of the second mixer and the headphone output of the Bluebox to the tape in of the second mixer. With most mixers you can send the tape in to the headphones only, so you can hear the main mix and the cue mix on the headphones at the same time, the only disadvantage is that you can't mute the main mix on the headphones without also muting the main output.
    (see Photo 3)

    This would be one of my top Features.

    Click image for larger version

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    Did you try assign knob from Mixer section, using Midi Learn to... button? I know in some cases it jump between 0 and other value. I used it once in nanoKey2, as i remember it was like turn between min/max value. Just remember to turn off "Momentary" option. I'll try to do that later, but it's just an idea - I did something like that for another knob.


    • milanwulf
      milanwulf commented
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      Sorry, I just edited my request again shortly after you posted. I am missing a typical pfl function like on a "conventional" mixer to quickly preview tracks before mixing them to the main mix. It would be important to me to be able to quickly switch back to the main mix on the headphones. Unfortunately, you can not map the setting "CUE Source" mix also, that would be a workaround with an additional midi controller. Is my post above now more understandable?

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    I still miss a pfl function to quickly switch between main mix and cue on phones out


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      I'd be interested in replacing solo with PFL as well.


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        Really enjoying Bluebox so far!

        This request to allow for easy cue on/off control per channel is important in many users setups.
        Ability to cue input channels and main simultaneously is very desirable. A level control for the main cue level (in addition to headphones level) would be very useful.
        Looking at the UI, the option of replacing, or adding to, the SOLO on-screen control in MIXER Control Mode seems like a good solution.

        Hoping we can see this in a firmware update sometime soon!


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          I have to agree. PFL is really useful for live mixing. DJ mixers usually have more extensive options for cuing, and there are a lot of parallels between djing and doing live electronic music.


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            This, so much!
            It should have been like this right from the beginning. The Bluebox is a live machine and PFL is the essential live mixing technique.


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              Just wanted to click on the buy button for Bluebox but reading the info about missing CUE Switching is making me reconsider it as I wanted it mainly for live performances.


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                Thanks for keeping this idea alive. We appreciate it.


                • milanwulf
                  milanwulf commented
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                  I was even at Superbooth to make my request in person to you guys I love my Bluebox and with this feature it would be perfect! I hope you had a great start to the new year.

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                My old 24 track mixer that the bluebox replaced had PFL though I rarely used it. Seems like a reasonable ask. It’s be awesome to see the backlog and vote on priorities. Oops I’m not on the clock now. Lol


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                  +1 bump. This is the only feature that I severly miss for this be able to replace my DJ mixer. Currently its just clunky, having to menu-dive all the time